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"I came to Dana with a lack of confidence and direction in my riding. I walked out of her program with newfound motivation, inspiration, and a skill set that took me to a whole new level!"

Michelle S. - Nevada

What is Finding Center?

Finding Center is a six session guided immersive experience designed to guide you to find clarity and inspired action.

Utilizing the powerful technique of Immersive Meditation, this experience harnesses the power of meditative state to develop a clear vision of your path forward.

The result?

The calm, consistent, confident connection that supports you in achieving your goals and becoming the best version of YOU.

"You are the epitome of growth mindset!"

Denise S. - Nevada

Who is Finding Center for?

This experience is designed for those who are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or disconnected.

For those who are at a crossroads, frustrated, or plateaued.

For those who want to find the clarity and focus they need to make their dreams a reality.

Finding Center is the first step for those who want:

- Relief from anxiety, stress, overwhelm, and frustration.

- Access to their calm, clear, centered self.

- Perspective on their current situation.

- Clarity on next best steps.

- Reinvigorated motivation and commitment.

So that they can:

- Have more confidence.

- Constructively channel that nervous energy.

- Develop more focus.

- Be more consistent, effective, and creative.

- Enjoy a deeper bond with themselves and those around them.

- Activate that huge goal.

“Dana’s meditations help me clear my mind of the daily clutter so that when I am with my horse i can give my entire focus to our time together."

Leslie H. - Nevada

How does it work?

The six session Finding Center experience is designed to facilitate your own understanding of what calm, consistent, confident, connection means for you.

Each session of Finding Center focuses on a different theme - allowing you to explore different aspects of you.

Here's what you can expect:

✅ You’ll explore your inner thoughts and feelings - and begin the essential process of connecting you to that still, centered place inside.

✅ You’ll clarify what is no longer serving you - and what you need to let go of to create space for new opportunities and experiences. 

✅ You’ll uncover the energetic obligations you have to other people, situations, and things - and release those that drain your energy so you can prioritize your own goals and aspirations.

✅ You’ll create your own dedicated space for reflection and rejuvenation - allowing you to find and deepen your connection with that calm, clear, centered place inside of you.

✅ You’ll discover what you’re ready to be free from and gain clarity on the next best steps for you.

✅ You’ll be empowered with the self-compassion, perspective, and motivation needed to bring your dreams into reality.

“I had a wonderful experience working with Dana.

Her unique and holistic approach led me to powerful insights, gave me a new focus, and truly helped me define success, self-betterment and self-love. Her empathetic and encouraging attitude always made me

very comfortable trying new techniques. She really believes in what she does and you will feel it!”

Leslie A. - Nevada

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Why Finding Center?

You don't need therapy, or a well-meaning friend's advice. You don't even need coaching, at this point.

What you need is a deep, authentic connection with the most calm, clear, centered version of you.

And Finding Center is designed to do just that.

This unique, immersive meditation experience helps you relax your mind and body, release stress, find and develop self connection, and guide you to the next best step in your journey.

"With Dana’s expert guidance, I developed a self-assuredness that I didn’t know I had within me. I was able to reduce the negative self-talk that effected how I approached life and my outlook. I gained clarity on the activities that were taking me away from what I wanted to achieve. My life trajectory is forever changed thanks to Dana and her coaching expertise. If you are feeling held back from your true potential, I highly recommend working with Dana."

Heather P. - Washington

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